The Simple chopstick...

The simple chopstick.  On the surface, it is 100% utilitarian in its task of getting food from your bowl into your mouth.  Practically, just about any two sticks of wood will work for this task.

Naturally, humans were not content with two unrefined wooden sticks.   So, chopsticks from different regions look and feel different based on local needs and traditions.  For example, the Japanese style chopstick has a sharp tip, perhaps better geared for removing fish bones.  In contrast, the Chinese style chopstick is slightly longer, has less taper and has a more blunt tip.

What we've done here at Zen Simple is to create a fusion of the more traditionally Japanese octagonal (eight sided) style and blended it with the longer and reduced taper of the Chinese chopstick.  What you will find is that the chopsticks rest very comfortably in your hand and it takes less effort to hold them.  In addition, the facets make it easier to serve slippery noodles!

We offer two lengths (230mm and 250mm) and create them from maple hardwood.  Additionally, we have two options for boxes - one wooden, made from maple and mahogany, and the other, a natural paper box

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