The joy of well made things


I was putting away my tools the other day (yes, even I can be reformed) and stopped to marvel at the way my grandfather had crafted the cradle that holds the hand saw perfectly in place in the tool chest.  I don't know why it struck me at that point in time and in the way it did, but it was a nice moment.  He's been gone for a while, but just thinking that we were exactly on the same page at different moments in time got to me.

There are other tools in that chest that I discover occasionally as a new need arises.  It's almost magical.  Need a brace and bit for a project?  Well, there's probably a bit in there that will be the precise size you need.  Need to sharpen it? Well yeah, there's a small stone at the bottom of one drawer just for sharpening auger bits.

Plumb bob?  Yep.  

Fluted 3/4" router bit?  Yep.  One lonely bit in a small cardboard tube.

Chalk line?  Yep.  Filled to the brim with bright blue chalk.

Sliding bevel gauge?  Yep.  Two, in fact.  One old and the other new - seemingly unused.

I'm sure there will be a moment at which I've discovered a use for each and every tool in that box.  But, that time has not yet come.  Not today. 

The mystery continues...