5 easy steps to living simply

These are 5 easy steps to think about.  Don't feel badly if you can't bring yourself to implement them easily.  We won't judge.  

  1. Grow your own food.  I know this seems like a doozy.  Most of us weren't born farmers but I can tell you that it's really not hard to take a small little baby step in this area.  For example, when you next buy those little green onions with the little root ball attached, chop it down so that you have about an inch of onion above the root and plant it in a pot.  Water it a bit and even leave it outside, forgotten for a while.  When you next check it out, it will be 3 feet tall.  Trim a bit off and add it to your stir fry.  This will seem like magic.  I promise.  And, if you can do this... try a herb garden next!
  2. Start a compost.  Whoa!  This is getting serious!  Well, maybe.  But if you just start by composting vegetable scraps with your yard clippings, you're on your way.  Yes, you need a yard or a place in your community where you can stash this stuff, but once you get the hang of it, it's really easy.  The key is to tend to it [somewhat] regularly and keep it hot and moist (like a well rung out sponge).  A cubic yard [at a minimum] is the optimal size for maximum heat. 

    If you already compost your grass clippings (you're my hero), just get one of those little stainless steel composting buckets and keep it in your kitchen.  Throw your veggie scraps in there as you go and dump it in your outside bin when it's full, burying it below fresh lawn clippings.  I recommend limiting the kitchen waste stream to simple organic material like tea bags, vegetable and fruit scraps at first until you're able to dial in the composting process.  Never add meat, dairy or animal waste to your compost.

    What can you do with your compost?  Add it to your flower or vegetable garden once in a while.  Just this week, I completely emptied my compost bin by spreading it over my lawn.  It's now disappearing slowly and will super charge the lawn through winter.  How cool is that.  And, it's great exercise.

    If you're craving for more information on composting, I recommend the "The Rodale Book of Composting" as an in depth guide.  It's really a great book.  For full disclosure, I may have stolen this book from my sister.  I will give it back some day.  I promise.
  3. Pack your lunch for work or for that picnic out.  I realize that I'm bordering on the unreasonable.  I know, I know.  But, I promise that you will save money, eat better, and feel better throughout the day.  This doesn't mean you shouldn't go out for lunch with your coworkers from time to time.  Do that too, on occasion.  They're good people and they enjoy your company.
  4. Ride your bike.  Walk to the store.  Use your feet more.  Drink water.  You will have more time to think and reflect on life.  Simple, right?
  5. Turn the internet all the way off and read a book.  No books in the house?  Your local library has a bunch.  And, they're free.

 Be well.